As recently as one year ago we informed our readers about the start-up of the so called “Cavaniglia’s damask Project“, which IMAGO ANTIQUA feels to be part of in some way.

Initiated by our friend Renzo Semprini, it soon became clear that the goal was going to be quite demanding, as it aimed at replicating, as accurately as possible, an original Italian silk textile dating back to the late 15th century.

After surveying all the available sources, the pattern choice fell upon the damask belonging to Don Diego Cavaniglia’s funeral doublet, a noble “condottiero” from Campania dead in Otranto in 1481, whose remains rest in the Church of San Francesco a Folloni, Montella, Province of Avellino. In the years immediately following completion of its restoration (2013), this garment has become pretty famous, both in Italy and abroad, as it actually represents a rare example of early Renaissance doublet fully wisthstanding the test of time in near mint conditions.


Damasco originale (fronte), foto P. Fabbri

The original damask on its front (picture by Paola Fabbri)


The prestigious Florentine Foundation Arte della Seta Lisio was finally engaged for the project enactment: after conducting a thorough preliminary feasibility study and once the backers of the project were spotted in a handful of scarce though ultra-motivated historical Re-enactors, scattered all over Europe, just a few weeks ago the Lisio technicians completed the production of 30 meters of ivory damask fabric on a green background (the original differs only by these colors, which were specifically requested by Mr. Semprini).

CLICKING HERE you can read all details concerning this authentic challenge, a new experience, to our knowledge, in the field, a first step to steer the textile manufacturing towards a specific need of Living History, namely the creation of a high-profile silk product, substantially free of compromise and formerly not available on the market.

Please look at the finished replica here following, shown both on the front and on the reverse side, then decide for yourself if the outcome meets or not your expectations.

Replica (fronte)

Replica (front)

Replica (retro)

Replica (reverse)


Further details – front:






Further details – reverse:

5_reverse 8_reverse 6_reverse





Apart from congratulating Mr. Semprini and the Lisio Foundation, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to those Re-enactors who made this exciting achievement possible by their valuable and irreplaceable financial contributions!